Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services

Relieve the accounting challenges with monthly bookkeeping services.

Fix-It Accounting offers monthly accounting and bookkeeping services for small businesses. We have decades of experience working with companies in a wide variety of sizes. Our Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors on staff are available for questions.

There are commercial software packages for bookkeeping and tax preparation conveniently available to the public along with instructional videos. Although it appears that accounting is easy to do on your own, it also makes it too easy to overlook valuable tax relief. At Fix-it Accounting, too often we’ve seen costly results to taxpayers.

Why use a professional bookkeeping service?

As a business owner, you need a team on your side. One of your most valuable team members is your accountant. This important position will keep you from paying too much in tax, which you will if you don’t keep good records or get good advice from a knowledgeable source. In fact, a hiring a good accountant/tax professional will be the best investment you ever make.

Here are the benefits:

  • Very organized receipts and back-up documents that come back to you in a beautiful package
  • Accurate, clear, timely records to prepare your tax return
  • Accounting for every transaction so you pay only the correct amount of tax. Not too much and not too little, which can get you hit with a 20% understatement penalty if you’re audited.
  • A solid defense in case of an audit. When we come into an IRS audit with beautiful records, it takes very little time and much less stress for you, the taxpayer.
  • We make it as easy as possible by giving you a streamlined system for keeping your information straight and getting it to us in a timely manner.
  • Someone to call when you don’t know what to do. It’s better to ask advice before you do something that has potential tax consequences! If you have an experienced accountant on your team, it could save you thousands of dollars just with one phone call.

Have you got a huge mess of back bookkeeping and tax work to be done? We can handle that too! Our specialty is fixing problems. So don’t feel bad about it, call us and we’ll help you through getting it all straightened out.

We take client ranging in size from $100K up to $15 Million in revenue. We have decades of experience working with companies in a wide variety of industries. Give us a call for your free consultation.

Let our bookkeeping experts help your business thrive!

Specialized Bookkeeping and Payroll Services

Monthly or quarterly Bookkeeping

Add a professional accounting staff to your team and set your bookkeeping on autopilot with monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services. Learn more.

Project bookkeeping

You were just a few weeks behind on your bookkeeping now it’s turned into a project to catch up. We can help. Contact us for a free consultation.


Our secure online system makes it easy to keep up with payroll. Contact us to find out more about our customized Payroll Services.

Let us help you get back to what you do best…operating your business

Here’s a list of other available services: