Accounting Firm Development Program

This program is the only one of its kind in the Central Florida area.

Here at Fix-It Accounting, Inc., our philosophy is to make everything we do a win-win opportunity for everyone involved. We encourage a client service focused, positive environment. We offer continuous opportunities to learn. And we encourage our team members to set and attain personal and business goals. With this in mind, we decided to take it one step further and offer a business owner mentoring program.

We know how hard it is to start your own business from scratch! That’s why most people don’t do it. But what if we could find the right candidates and train them? What if we could set them up in their own location with systems, marketing and branding already in place? What if we could allow them to hit the ground running in a successful accounting and tax practice? That would definitely be win-win for us, for the new business owner and for the happy clients who now have a safe place to go for their accounting and tax services!

So that is exactly what we’re doing here. This program is in its infancy so it’s a ground floor opportunity in a rapidly growing company.

What does it require from the program applicants?

  • At least two years of experience in a public accounting firm. It is important to have the accounting as well as the tax prep experience foundation. We can teach the rest.
  • Licensing or the ability to get licensed as a CPA, Attorney or Enrolled Agent
  • The entrepreneurial spirit. This is not something you can acquire. You either have it or you don’t. For example, one of our team members, Peter, has it. He started his first business at the age of 8 going door to door selling his car washing services. After a while he had his regular customers whom he serviced for many years. His brain thinks in terms of business, not about finding a good job. He’s self-motivated and doesn’t wait for someone else to tell him what to do. This is the entrepreneurial spirit!

What does the program provide?

  • Paid training
  • Business development and mentoring
  • Investment by Fix-It Accounting in your new location
  • Systems, marketing and branding

If you feel you would make a good candidate, please click the link below to complete a questionnaire and application.

Submit your resume and completed application to:

Nancy Benet


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